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Investing Services




 What I do:
I help my clients grow and preserve their personal wealth, protect their assets and plan for their financial future. 
What I offer:
  • A conservative approach to investing, with a focus on keeping what you have, growing it at a reasonable rate and only taking on the amount of risk that is comfortable to you.
  • Customized solutions because "one or two sizes doesn't fit all"
  • The opportunity to have a long lasting relationship with one individual who is accessible and responsive and takes as much time as you need to explain your options thoroughly
  • A thorough approach to meeting all your needs using a dedicated team of local and Eastern tax, financial and estate planning experts who are available to meet at your home, your office or my office and by phone/email to provide specific advice on more complex issues
What my clients say:
"I have enjoyed my meetings with Sheila because of her non-aggressive but very effective style, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone." J.S.
"I know you have my best interests at heart and that means a lot." D.F.
"I appreciate the explanations and information you readily provide for any transactions relative to my portfolio and, as well, to any questions I have.  I am very pleased you are my financial advisor and look forward to many years of your financial guidance." J.S.
Personable, dependable, knowledgeable, approachable and trustworthy are characteristics that come to mind.  I would really recommend working with her."  M.V.O.
"After the advisors we've had, you are a breath of fresh air and I honestly believe you have your clients best interests at heart, so thanks for that and I am resting better." P.G. 
"Thanks for the explanations. You have taught me to be more aware of where my money is being invested. As a client what I see in you is someone that enjoys what she does and cares about each investment and your excitement level is obvious. I think you are actually having fun with your career choice. That tells me you care about what happens to my money. I have never had this level of service from any of my previous investment councilors. So I thank you for that." F.B.
"This is the first time I have had an Advisor that I do not feel intimidated by.  Sheila makes me feel very comfortable.  She has the patience of a saint because she will keep explaining until I understand.  She is very responsive to my needs.  She always retruns my phone calls promptly and follows up immediately.  I always enjoy meeting with Sheila.  Even though investments are a serious business, we still manage to have a few laughs!  If you are looking for a great Advisor, call Sheila." D.D.
"Dear Sheila, I was to my accountant yesterday and twice he commented what good work you are doing on my behalf.  Praise from an accountant must be the ultimate compliment. I thank you." J.M.
What RBC Dominion Securities offers:
  • Sound advice based on the most extensive financial research in Canada, with access to analysis from Standard & Poor's and J.P Morgan
  • Access to a variety of ways that you can grow your money without investing in stocks or mutual funds
  • Access to over 25 financial insitution's government-insured products (GIC's) so you don't have to shop around to get the best rate
  • The largest bond inventory in Canada so we can build an income stream for you in retirement
  • Access to insurance products from all carriers and an insurance expert with 28 years of experience 
What it costs:
Probably less than what you might expect.  Many people aren't aware of the hidden fees in their investments.  All the resources that we offer in terms of expert advice and planning are free services for clients.  The yields we quote on fixed income (GIC's/bonds) are net of fees so that you can compare our rates to the competition.  Portfolio management fees are either transaction-based (fee per transaction) or fee-based (a percent of the portfolio value).  We will determine up front the most cost efficient arrangement for you.  Fees on non-registered accounts may be tax-deductible. 
Can we work together?
The first step in determining whether I can help you is to meet at either your home or my office.  That meeting will give us a chance to get to know each other and to see if we are a good fit for each other.  If you bring your statements along I will also be able to give you my thoughts on your current portfolio and areas that may be improved upon.  There is no cost for this meeting and no commitment is expected.  My desire is to create lifetime relationships so I am quite careful about whom I take on as a client and I hope that you are equally careful about whom you take on as an advisor. 
My financial qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Santa Clara University, California
  • Master of Business Administration, University of BC
  • Canadian Securities Course with honours, Canadian Securities Institute
  • Conduct and Practices Handbook Course, Canadian Securities Institute
  • Canadian Insurance Course LLQP, Canadian Securities Institute
  • Life and Accident and Sickness Insurance Agent, Insurance Council of British Columbia
  • Wealth Management Essentials Course, Canadian Securities Institute
  • Wealth Advisor Designation, RBC Wealth Management RBC Dominion Securities